Current Weight Loss Group Series

Now on Tuesdays at 6PM!

The Atlanta Weight Loss Group uses hypnosis and NLP to help weight loss clients.  We are  not promoting a “diet” but instead a “lifestyle”.

One of my clients said to me how hard it was for her to change.  That can be true.  It all depends on you, your level of commitment and how much effort you put into it.  I have found that when someone “decides” to do something they can move mountains.  On the other hand when someone states that they are going to “try” to do something-typically the results will not be good.

The reason diets are not effective long term is due to a “diet” having a beginning and an end. The change needs to be in thinking and lifestyle.  If your life revolves only around eating and drinking and being entertained, you will overeat and be unhealthy.  A healthy lifestyle revolves around more than one healthy behavior.   It also includes exercise and a more activity focused life. For any of these changes to last,  the subconscious mind has to be engaged in the change.  The emotional/subconscious is the part of the mind that drives us to success or sabotages us and creates failure

We eat because we are depressed, anxious or bored.  We eat as a way to entertain ourselves or change our emotional state.  Eating for many is an addiction.  Of course food is not the only substance we use in this way, but it is the most socially acceptable and easily available addictive substance known to man.

The only way to make a long lasting change in eating behavior is to change your thoughts and emotions about food. To create a healthy lifestyle that revolves around activity.

On June 23rd 2015 we will begin the first in a series of group weight loss sessions.  These sessions are on-going, so missing one is not an issue.  Contact Inga Chamberlain to register  770-560-4861

Hypnosis has been clinically proven in combination with behavior modification to double the number of pounds lost and create long term weight loss.

If you decide you want to lose weight and learn the tools to make the change permanent then this series is for you. Decide and everything changes!!

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