Step 2-Goal Setting

Step Two- Set Goals

I like to use a modified SMART goal format.  Without getting an emotional charge from imagining the attainment of a goal you take away its power.

Specific–  By making a goal specific you give your subconscious mind the ability to imagine it vividly.  What good is saying to yourself you want to lose weight??  What exactly does that mean?

Measurable- How will you know if you have accomplished your financial goal if you don’t set a specific amount that needs to be reached?

Achievable– As if you have it now. If you really don’t believe you can get back to your high school weight don’t set that goal.

Realistic-Relevant– The goal you set needs to be relevant to you and your life.

Timed- The time frame can make the difference between success and failure.  A goal with too short a time frame is unrealistic, but that same goal with a reasonable time to accomplish it can be very achievable.

Inspired- This is the key.  To have a strong emotional connection to achieving the goal makes it much easier to accomplish.

So this week it’s time to write your goals.  When you write them keep the guidelines above in mind and write freely without over thinking. Start by writing 3 one month, six month and 1 year goals.

Take 5 minutes for each specific goal and make sure to add details.  Also make sure to get in touch with the feeling of having the goal.

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