The Path to Happiness

When I talk about becoming happier we often times not only need to have more positive feelings but we need to eliminate the negative ones.  Fears and anxieties essentially stop us from becoming happier since we can only have one emotion at a time.  If we are feeling anxious then in that moment we are not also happy.

Anxiety and fear are our friends when there is actual danger around us.  But do we really need to feel anxious in the grocery store or getting on an airplane or driving a car?  Or maybe your anxiety is not so much about where you are but instead what you are doing.  Many people fear public speaking more then they fear death.  That is a strong fear.  So what can we do? How can we eliminate or reduce these feelings and improve our quality of life?

In the next several days I will be writing about the tools and techniques that work best to overcome fears and walk along the path to happiness.

About Inga Chamberlain

Inga Chamberlain has helped thousands of people transform their lives by uncovering the skills and abilities that lie deep within us all. Inga’s degree in psychology along with extensive post graduate training has earned her the designation of registered behavioral therapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, master practitioner NLP, coach, speaker and author. Her book “The Power of Choice” will be released in late 2010.
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