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Dieting to achieve weight loss is difficult enough. Doing it right is another matter. Of course, what is ‘right’ for one may not work well for another. Creating a natural weight loss from a balanced, healthy diet takes a little research.

You could just stop eating for a while, at least. But the cravings could drive you crazy and the health consequences are grim. Not a good approach. You might try diet pills, and some do work to a degree at least for a while. But the side effects are something to look out for. They can outweigh the benefits for some.

Others will naturally gravitate toward one of the popular ‘name’ diets, such as the Zone Diet or South Beach Diet. Certainly, they have their positives and the approach they take may work well for some, less well for others. One could say the same about many low fat or low carb diets. There’s a bit of truth in all of them.

Some prefer a traditional approach, guided by the USDA Food Pyramid, old or refurbished. It does contain a lot of sound advice about the types and amounts of different foods to eat or avoid. It can be confusing, but those who persist will find a lot of useful information there.

Those and other guidelines contain information on fiber, fat, carbohydrates and other foods to consume. They give good advice on which are the essential vitamins and minerals. They make it easy to understand why cholesterol and fat isn’t always bad, and how to keep the bad type down and the good type up.

Traditionalists and those on the leading edge alike will pay similar close attention to fluid intake. Dehydration can do more than just reduce maximum workout performance. It can cause health problems long before you feel thirsty.

Many will, naturally, be excited about the potential benefits of organic foods. From a good supplier, they can offer nutritional value that is less often contained in the average major grocery store product.

Those who do will also be interested in the promise of phytonutrients. These compounds, found in highly colored fruits and vegetables, promise to optimize Nutrition and lower the odds of disease. Such people also have a natural interest in finding out all about omega-3 fatty acids available in fish or supplements.

Cutting across all these different groups of individuals are those who just plain find it difficult to diet. Diet programs and weight loss clinics like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers can help. Their programs encapsulate a simple to follow set of recommended diets or prepackaged meals and support for sticking to one’s diet goals. They’ll help adjust the dieter’s attitude in a way that can prop up the commitment to long-term lifestyle change.

There are definite health advantages (and a few precautions) to dieting. But whatever type of dieter you are there is ample information available to assist you in getting the pros and avoiding the cons. After all, dieting is hard enough. Knowing how to diet doesn’t have to be.

About Inga Chamberlain

Inga Chamberlain has helped thousands of people transform their lives by uncovering the skills and abilities that lie deep within us all. Inga’s degree in psychology along with extensive post graduate training has earned her the designation of registered behavioral therapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, master practitioner NLP, coach, speaker and author. Her book “The Power of Choice” will be released in late 2010.
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