Step One- Get upset! Get leverage on yourself – Free Download

When I say get upset that is exactly what I mean.  Let go of all the excuses and reason that you typically let yourself off the hook with and instead see yourself as you are now. In psychology  the behavior of giving reasons, excuses and rationalizations, is called denial.  When you are in denial you lie to yourself in order to feel better. You in essence make the case for your poor behavior to yourself.  When you stop living in denial and begin to hold yourself to a higher standard of truth you are now in a great mindset where change is possible.

When you are honest with yourself you gain leverage you also gain something very important and that is choice.  Many know that they need to change something.  However when someone is heavily in denial they will have a blind spot regarding their need to change.  They are aware that things aren’t going as well as they would like but they can’t seem to become clear on the problem.  By becoming more self aware and choosing a new way of looking at yourself you gain power.  We can and do choose the thoughts we have on a daily basis, perhaps not consciously, but subconsciously.  So by taking personal responsibility for where you are now you gain the ability to have more choices in life.

These choices now give you a heightened ablility to shift your mental focus and to see where you are now and sets you up for goal setting which we will cover next week.  So today find a quiet place and write down all the reasons and excuses that you use to stay in the old behavior.  What types of rationalizations are you using on yourself?  Perhaps you let yourself off the hook if you’ve had a tough day or worked out?  Write them all down and use them to get over yourself.  Use them to really get sick of this behavior which is holding you back.  When you can say to yourself “NO MORE” you’re ready to go to step two.

So whatever your focus is for your goals whether it’s to lose weight or increase your sales this 7 week program will help you define and then achieve what you desire.
The link below will take you to the first in a series of hypnosis downloads to help you on your journey.

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After you listen to the download sit down and write out 5 ways you rationalize and let yourself off the hook for bad behavior.

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